SeatGeek Review

How to Buy Tickets at SeatGeek?In 2009, the online ticket platform, SeatGeek, was established to assist you in buying or selling tickets for live sporting events, concerts, theater events, etc. We are hoping this SeatGeek review will help clear up some questions you may have. Seats to events are really expensive and this review will show you some things to take notice of when trying to save some money. Let’s get into it.

SeatGeek has two different options in order to operate its platform. They offer a desktop version and a mobile app, which are designed to reveal information regarding the latest events available for ticket purchases at a variety of venues.

When viewing either the mobile application or webpage, you have access to the interactive, color-coded seat maps that give you an accurate representation of the seats you choose in reference to the stage or arena.

Technological Features of SeatGeek

When you view the interactive map on the SeatGeek platform, the multi-colored dots are the tickets available that are mapped to their corresponding section and row. These multi-colored dots are also called pins.

The color of each pin indicates its Deal Score. For instance, the green pins illustrate the best possible ticket deals, and the red pins are the worst.

The blue dots located on the interactive map have an entirely different meaning. They are assigned blue to display tickets for which Deal Score can’t be calculated. This tends to happen when SeatGeek isn’t able to make sense of the ticket information that is provided on the seller’s website.

Although viewing a blue dot on the map could imply a negative connotation, it doesn’t necessarily signify a bad deal. SeatGeek just doesn’t know enough to give a sufficient answer. We break this down in more detail below.

SeatGeek’s Easy to Use Interface

SeatGeek offers an extremely user-friendly interface, which allows you to buy and sell tickets effortlessly. The process of signing up is simple for both ticket buyers and sellers. While you’re on the home page, you will see a button – “Track My Order”. It’s a pretty close representation of other ticket buying and selling sites.

The option to search for any event across the world is another exemplary example of the site. The search bar helps you by searching anything by category. This makes it so easy to track down the absolute best seats, at the most popular events such as the Super Bowl that the current year has to offer.

First, you have to choose the event and locate the dropdown menu, which guides you in finding the right ticket prices for your budget.

Another useful feature included in the site is the search filter. You have the ability to filter anything by price, quantity, and type of ticket. The accessibility of the site is one of the main reasons why we have found very high SeatGeek ratings from the users.

How does SeatGeek Work?

SeatGeek accumulates detailed information from an abundant amount of listings on concerts, sports, theater, and different other events. In the digital world, SeatGeek has transformed the event ticketing process.

SeatGeek also benefits from its growing customer base. It uses data for presenting the events and concerts based on the preferences of the users.

Is SeatGeek Safe & Reliable?

When users prepare to purchase a ticket, they want to know about the security technology offered on the platform.

You can find an abundant amount of user reviews that highlight the safety measures that SeatGeek takes for the ticket buyer. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of the legitimate tickets that SeatGeek offers.

The company takes great pride in using encrypted technologies for the processing of your orders with the maximum amount of protection.

SeatGeek works with numerous ticket exchanges, and they make sure that protective measures are taken to provide secure service to each user all the time.

Deal Score Explained

As far as the technological features of SeatGeek, it uses the Deal Score algorithm to tell you exactly how good of a deal you’re looking at. Deal Scores are on a scale from 1 to 10. Deals at either end of the spectrum can be rare to find, but it’s not an impossibility to see a 1o or 1.

These are some amazing ticket dealsThis algorithm is calculated by adding all of the following factors together: historical ticket prices for the performer and venue, the row location, the expected sightline from the section, and the quality of all other available tickets for the event. A higher Deal Score number will always be a better deal than a lower number – across various events.

As a SeatGeek user, you need to understand how the Deal Score feature operates from an in-depth point of view.

It’s based on a fancy mathematical calculation that SeatGeek created. This number explains if you’re getting a good deal on tickets or if you’re paying way too much for tickets that are not worth it.

Deal Score is a direct representation of how important the customer’s time and money are to the company. With this revolutionary feature, you’re able to purchase tickets confidently and it allows you to save money with every transaction you make.

Calculation of the Score

The SeatGeek team focuses on a multitude of factors for the calculation of Deal Score.

The main factors that actually affect the score include:

  • Location of row
  • Past pricing of the performer and venue
  • Standard of other tickets of the event

Scores for every ticket all vary between 1 and 100. Therefore, when the score of the ticket you choose is 100, this is obviously the best deal. In addition, the bad deal has the lowest score.

Along with the numbered scores, SeatGeek uses specific words to indicate the deal they’re receiving, such as – Amazing, Great, Good, Okay, So-so, Bad, and Awful. There are colored markings besides each score as well.

In a few cases, you will find a blue dot adjoining the ticket listings. This shows that SeatGeek doesn’t have the ability to calculate the Deal Score. The issue only occurs when SeatGeek isn’t able to make out the ticket-related information that’s posted on the seller’s site. However, the blue dot doesn’t correlate to a bad deal.

Thus, Deal Score offers you a chance to steer clear of the costly tickets. You can always find deal scores on the interactive stadium map.

Inviting Friends While Using SeatGeek

Another interesting feature you can use with SeatGeek is the opportunity to invite friends in a number of ways. It could be used as a way for you to inform your friends about SeatGeek and use the platform for purchasing tickets.

All you have to do is add the email of your friends and click the “Send Invite” button. The most accessible option for sharing SeatGeek with friends is through your social media by sharing a personalized link with them.

By sending an invite to your friends, you have the chance to benefit from it. If your friend uses the link that you shared with them, you will be able to earn $10. Then, you will be able to use the money from the invite as credit towards your next purchase through SeatGeek.

Additional Fees on Tickets

Most people face the question – Am I able to trust SeatGeek for my ticket deals? They believe that it’s too good to be true, and there will be additional fees added to their final ticket price.

With that being said, the company has claimed that their team never charges an additional fee on their tickets. This makes it clear that the sellers will not have to pay any amount on their listing or ticket sales.

They can do this free of charge. On the other hand, after the successful sale of the ticket, the sellers have to pay 20% of the purchase rate to SeatGeek.

Subsequently, we can conclude that SeatGeek earns an amount from the referred site. To be clear, you purchase a ticket from the original seller, and this seller pays a fairly small amount of commission for the sale.

Above all else, SeatGeek has centralized the tickets of diverse types and it has simplified the process for you.

SeatGeek Promo Codes

As the popularity of SeatGeek across the United States increases, they have become one of the most popular engines for concert and event lovers.

In a few cases with other providers, the abnormally high ticket prices prevent concert and sports enthusiasts from attending the program. Whereas, the use of SeatGeek provides you numerous opportunities of having discounts with promo codes.

SeatGeek understands that most people love receiving discounts and incentives on every purchase. Also, you will get this benefit from buying a ticket for live sports, music programs, or any other live event.

Although certain coupon codes or coupon vouchers are cost-effective, you have to understand their limitations. You have to spend a minimum of $30 for availing of the code.

The good news for you is that most ticket deals on the platform have some discount offers. You will find a special Promo Eligible ticket section at the site.

SeatGeek Refund Rules

The most information regarding SeatGeek refund policies is that all sales are final. All of the vendors on the site also follow this policy. As a result, the company will not refund any amount for the ticket. After the submission of the order, there is no option for cancellation or refund.

This may come as bad news except for the fact that when you cannot use your ticket for any reason, you have the ability to re-list it on the SeatGeek marketplace. This helps you in getting back the fund that you have invested in purchasing the ticket.

SeatGeek sellers cannot refund any amount for the rescheduled program while they have not secured their own funds from the event venue. However, there is another way of saving your money. You can recover the ticket cost with the re-listing process. This means that you can rely on this process to get back the money spent for purchasing the ticket.

With the information provided, you may understand why SeatGeek has no refund policy. Both primary and secondary ticket markets are extremely complicated.

You cannot cancel most of the ticket orders, while you have submitted them. It ensures the ticket’s validity. You can become the seller and SeatGeek Marketplace helps you in getting back the money. You have a chance of selling the tickets at a higher price.

How to Sell Tickets on SeatGeek

You’re able to resell tickets by clicking on the tickets tab on the website or app, which allows you to view the ticket details for specific events, and clicking or tapping the Sell Tickets button.

You can only sell tickets that have been uploaded to your SeatGeek account.  Your tickets will automatically appear in the buyer’s account once they’re sold, so you don’t have to worry about sending them yourself.

Additionally, you will be notified by email as soon as your tickets have sold. At this time, SeatGeek only supports payouts to United States residents that possess a United States bank account.

SeatGeek Vs. StubHub

When you’re looking at purchasing tickets for an event, the absolute last thing that you want to deal with is a platform that isn’t easy to use, possesses hidden fees, has technical glitches, and has countless other issues.

Both SeatGeek and StubHub are great for buying and selling tickets. It depends on the type of ticket that you’re looking for to determine which site is the best for you and the event you plan on attending.


StubHub is a very popular site, and the traffic they attract speaks for itself.

Their platform is easy to use and pretty straightforward. If you don’t see the event you’re looking for, just find the search bar, and you’ll be there in no time. Once you’re at the event and location that you want, a map of the venue will show up on your screen. You have the option to search by where your seats are located or by the ticket price. Also, they offer the best available seat feature.

StubHub’s fees can get up there at times, but that depends on the specific event that you are going to and how your tickets are delivered. Electronic tickets can be fairly cheap, but mail delivery is not.

When it comes to popularity, StubHub is one of the best. Their popularity has helped them to keep providing a strong and reliable product, however, this has led to a stream of increased prices. Shopping around for different ticket prices can help alleviate this problem.


If you’ve made this far into the SeatGeek review you are aware of the extremely useful software platform. They will locate you by your computer’s location and recommend a few popular shows near you, but you can search for what you want by the artist or team, the city, or the venue.

After selecting the event you wish to attend, you’re able to view a map of the stadium and click on the area you want to sit in. The ability to shop for a different price through different vendors sets SeatGeek apart from other competitors.

Find Some great seats right nowSeatGeek is more of a ticket aggregator instead of a ticket exchange, which means that it searches various exchanges in order to help you find multiple tickets to whichever event you are interested in.

When you find the ticket you want, simply click on the checkout button and you’ll be redirected to the purchasing page. There are still fees for tickets, but they build these into the price of the ticket so you aren’t overwhelmed by a lot of numbers.

Another great advantage of using SeatGeek is that they offer a strong mobile platform. If you want to buy and sell tickets, it’s really easy to do so from your smartphone. They have apps for both iPhone and Android devices. For all iPhone users, they’re fully integrated with Apple Pay so that payments are quick and automatically processed.

This feature transcended them into the most convenient company in the market. We really like the fact that they are willing to go the extra mile to make life a tiny bit easier for customers.

SeatGeek and Lyft Partnership

In 2018, SeatGeek partnered with Lyft to add a special feature to their platform. Lyft has been one of the quickest developing rideshare agencies in the United States.

Have you ever bought tickets to a concert or sporting event without being able to arrive on time? Because of the late arrival time, you’ve now missed part of the event and/or you can’t reach your seats. With this latest feature, the problem you once had to deal with is completely solved.

SeatGeek’s Lyft-booking facility offers a lot of convenience to the event attendees. The event attendees are able to avoid common transportation issues involved with watching a sports tournament or concert.

Fans that request the Lyft ride will receive the location of their seat on the interface of the Lyft app. This is a verification from the driver letting the attendee know that the driver has dropped them near their seat.

Most ticket buyers who have a technical sense love the newly added feature for SeatGeek users. You may think about Uber being in control of the rideshare market. However, as a SeatGeek user, you’ll still have a huge advantage with Lyft. With the creation of this new feature, SeatGeek has become the most unique ticket buying and selling platform on the market.

We hope this SeatGeek review gave you enough insight when it comes to making your ticket purchasing decisions. There are a lot of legit ticket companies available in today’s marketplace. You can see why SeatGeek is starting to stand out amongst the competition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely! The tickets on SeatGeek are sold by licensed sellers, other SeatGeek customers, and sometimes the team’s box office.

You can upload e-ticket PDFs and screenshots of QR codes for mobile tickets on and in the iOS or Android app. You can also upload NFL barcodes. Click on the My Tickets button and you’ll see an Add Tickets button at the top of the page.

Promo codes, or “SeatGeek Credit,” can be entered at checkout or in the Promo Codes tab of your account settings. You have to be signed in to your SeatGeek account to use a promo code, but it’s easy and free to register. Plus, it makes future purchases straightforward.

In order to sell tickets on SeatGeek, you will need to provide a valid credit card and your bank account details. In some cases, we may ask you for additional information but only if absolutely necessary to securely verify your identity.

The secondary ticket market is made up exclusively of tickets hoping to be resold after their original purchase from a venue’s box office, which is also known as the primary ticket market. Aside from being the primary ticketing platform for a number of leagues and venues, SeatGeek is a marketplace that people can use to sell their tickets on the secondary market.