We would like to welcome you to Block Party Tickets. Our goal is to provide you with valuable information about buying tickets for your favorite events, from sports to concerts. Every day offers opportunities for events that require tickets, and we help you not only enjoy your outing but also save money.

There are many methods for purchasing tickets, from websites to apps. We share our insights to help you choose the best option for your needs. Often, you can find the same tickets across different platforms. Sites like SeatGeek typically list various seats from multiple marketplaces, making it easier to find a deal if you put in a little effort.

Sports We Follow

Right now, we focus mainly on the four major sports in the United States. As you would expect, these have a great following and the most amount of tickets. We will go over each of these sports below. Keep in mind the more demand for the game you want to go see the more costly the ticket will be.

NFL – With the fewest amount of games each year, the NFL is the most sought-after ticket of the four major sports. Prices for individual games can be very expensive due to the lack of supply each season. Cheap football tickets are out there if you know where to look. Of course, the seat you pick will most likely determine the cost of the ticket. We show you tickets for each NFL team. You can research each game one by one. A great way to get tickets is through VividSeats.

NBA – Each year, the NBA puts out a decent product for viewers to come and see. It’s our goal to help you get there and have a good time. With the number of teams and the number of games, you can see how getting tickets shouldn’t be that difficult. You can use the bigger sites such as StubHub or SeatGeek when it comes to buying third-party NBA tickets.  We break down the cheap NBA tickets right here. Finding the game that works for you will cost you some time and money.

MLB – This is one season that doesn’t feel like it ever ends until it does. The Major League Baseball Association knows it has too many games in a season. This is why tickets to a baseball game shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. Some nice seats will jump in price, but overall you can get in the game for a reasonable price. The cost for ballpark fare, food, and beverages is what will get you every time. You can learn about getting last-minute baseball tickets and how you can save. We want you to have a great time out at the ball game

NHL – The number of people watching hockey each year continues to grow. It’s not the most followed sport of the four majors, but it does have a ton of fans. This makes going to a game very exciting. One of the best sports to watch live is hockey. There is so much happening the whole time with non-stop action. You can go get a beer and come back to a whole new score. Things happen super fast. You can get cheap hockey tickets if you know where to look. We give you insights into all the different NHL teams to go see. Some tickets are more expensive than others, but there is a price point for you.

Other Sporting Events – We will constantly add other events that pop up that are must-sees or that we know will be a tough ticket to get. This is anything from the Super Bowl to some Formula 1 Racing. We will also dig into some major tennis events and even some soccer.

Upcoming Concert Tours

If a tour is announced, we are here to help you find tickets. As we expand our reach into various concert tours, music festivals, and small pop-up shows, you can count on us to help you buy a ticket. Concert tickets can be quite expensive, depending on the artist. Keep us in mind when Coldplay, Adele, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, or other performers plan to hit the stage.

Adele – Not so much of a tour but a residency in Las Vegas.
Olivia Rodrigo – Touring all over the United States
Justin Timberlake – He is ready to take to the stage.
Twenty One Pilots – They are gearing up for one of the biggest tours on record.

Major Events

Tickets don’t stop at sports and concerts. There are plenty of major events that stand out, from Broadway blockbusters to Comedy tours and more. Whatever the event, we will find you the perfect ticket.

We understand that attending an event requires not just money but also your time. Teams, bands, and stadiums all want you to have a great experience, and ticket marketplaces strive to offer affordably priced tickets. We are here to help you find those deals. If you have any questions about last-minute or cheap tickets, feel free to reach out.

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