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If you are sitting in a row that starts with Floor, A, AA, AAA, or AAAA, you are likely in the best seats in the house. We like to call these the Courtside Seats at any arena. Of course, some letters will change from venue to venue, but consider yourself lucky to have one of these seats. Our goal is to go over these seats in the best detail possible while also helping you get these tickets for a future game.

If you look at an NBA team’s seating chart you will see seats that surround the court. These seats start from the player’s benches. The closer to the center of the court the better the seat. The up-close action is what makes these seats so popular. You can see the best players in the world play right in front of your face. In fact, there are a lot of times where the ball will land in your lap or even a player.

Seating Limitation

Ther is of course a limitation when it comes to courtside seats. On average there are about 100 seats surrounding the court. As we go into more detail about teams below, we will also look at seats within a few rows of the floor. These seats are not exactly what you are looking for, but if there is nothing else to choose from, these are the next best thing.

Team Values

No matter which team you follow, seats will vary in price. Teams such as the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers will have a higher premium on their courtside seats. This is due to the popularity of the fanbase and the location they reside in. A courtside seat to an Orlando Magic game will be far less than a Golden State Warriors seat.

Playoff Courtside Seat Prices

Depending on the round your team is in, these ticket prices will go up substantially from the regular season. Although this is expected, the percentage is actually mind-blowing.  Keep this in mind if your goal is to go watch a game courtside during the playoffs.

NBA Courtside Seat Championship Prices

This is where it can get ridiculous. If you don’t have a budget then you shouldn’t have a problem. Supply will be impossible to get for these tickets unless you are willing to pay astronomical fees. You will find more availability in the few rows behind the court. It may not be exactly what you are looking for, but the stress of getting tickets will be far less.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why are these seats so expensive?

Ticket prices are based on supply and demand. If the demand is high and the supply is tiny, it is the perfect mix for expensive seats. It is a little unfair how certain people have access to these seats while others do not. It’s the world we live in.

What kind of Amenities do you get?

Usually, when you have this level of seating you get some stuff to go along with it. Some of these perks include in-seat wait service, VIP parking locations, lounge access, the possibility to meet players, and much more.

Will you see some celebrities?

This will of course depend on the location of your team. There are celebrity sightings quite a bit at NBA games. These seats are favorites for some celebrities. Keep your eyes open and you never know who you might see.

Are these courtside seats really worth the cost?

Well, this will depend on several factors. If you can afford to spend this type of money, sure it is worth it. If you are going to think about the money the whole game, then no. The experience will be better than anything you’ve seen.

Team by Team Breakdown

Although we would love to give you exact prices for each NBA team, this isn’t possible. For the most part, these seats will not be available on third-party vendor sites. They may have restrictions on how people can sell these seats. If we do find some seats available we can try and add some prices based on what we see. What we will do is get into some of the courtside seats right behind the front row. We still consider these floor seats, just not courtside seats. There is a difference so keep that in mind. Find the team you are looking for and see if you can score some amazing seats. Also, the prices listed could vary drastically from game to game.

Atlanta Hawks – As we mentioned above, AAA seats can be a powerful thing. Although these are not floor seats, you could spend around $900 a ticket to be the row behind the bench. See Hawks listings.

Boston Celtics – One of the hardest teams to get floor seats for. We’ve seen floor seats that are next to the bench go for $5000 a ticket. Sitting next to the announcers can carry a price tag of around $2000. Seats just a row or two back will cost you $1000. Here are some listings.

Brooklyn Nets – When you have a good team you can expect to pay more. The Nets carry a heavy price tag for this section. Even behind the visitor’s bench will cost you $1000 a ticket. We could hardly find any floor seats to price. Against one of the weaker opponents, we saw seats for $2600. More Nets here.

Charlotte Hornets – This young team will continue to grow a wider fanbase which will lead to higher prices. The availability for floor seats at Hornets games wasn’t there. A row or two back will cost around $900. Other seats.

Chicago Bulls – These are up in the top 5 of the toughest tickets to get. You will be lucky to score here. We saw some outrageous pricing a row or two back. Baseline seats a row or two back will get you for $650. Bulls seating.

Cleveland Cavaliers – We dug in and researched these seats pretty heavily. We saw prices jump dramatically for big games. Floor seats were very hard to find. You can get lucky for around $3000 a ticket. Several rows back will get you at about $1000. More options here.

Dallas Mavericks – This is certainly an expensive ticket. We were unable to find availability for the games we looked at. Seats several rows back were going for $1200. You can expect to pay big time for the floor. See more here.

Denver Nuggets – We only saw tickets courtside in row 3. These were going for around $600. You can expect three times this price for the floor. See other seats here.

Detroit Pistons – There are some big things brewing in Detroit. What do floor seats look like here? We did find some seats for around $1600 a ticket. This is a fair price, but this was against a not-so-great opponent at the time. See some listings here.

Golden State Warriors – This is one team you will have a seriously hard time finding courtside seats for. We found some sick seats at $5500 a ticket. This was considered a great deal. You can find seats a row back for around $2500. Pretty insane prices. See some tickets here.

Houston Rockets – We did some digging into this season’s games but we were unable to find anything super close to the court. We know they have a fair share of courtside locations. This means demand is super high for these seats. Check for yourself.

Indiana Pacers – We scoped a lot of games for the season. We were unable to come across any availability. In fact, most games had tickets only for the first row seats above the floor. You can check here for more details.

Los Angeles Clippers – We were only able to find some seats behind the visitor’s bench. These are running for about $1500. You can expect prices to go up big time at the Arena. You can find out more here.

Los Angeles Lakers – This is by far the most sought-after floor seat in the NBA. You probably need to know someone who knows someone to get seats courtside. This is where all of the magic happens. We did come across some floor seats at around $6000 a ticket. Several rows back will cost you around $700 a seat. You can dig in more here.

Memphis Grizzlies – One of the youngest teams in the NBA still has some expensive floor seats. We did find a couple of options just a row back. One was around $1400 and the other was the center court for $2900. We did find a floor seat ticket at the center for $13000 for the one ticket. Get more details here.

Miami Heat – This is another place where floor seats will be through the roof. On our first try, we found courtside seats at $4000, $3600, and $5500. Just a couple of rows back ran around $500. Check out more listings.

Milwaukee Bucks – There are definitely some decent seats around the court for below-average cost compared to the league. This could have been the couple of games we checked out. $800-$1200 is what you are looking at. See some listings here.

Minnesota Timberwolves – This is another young team that brings in some decent crowds. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any floor seats available for the games we looked at. Please do your research here.

New Orleans Pelicans – Currently. the Pelicans have one of the smallest fanbases. When it comes to courtside seats, however, you will still pay. A game against the Warriors has courtside seats for around $1800. Other games have them for around $1200. You can check the games here.

New York Knicks – Madison Square Garden is one of those stadiums where it is good to be seen. You’ll have a chance at some MSG courtside seats but you will pay over $3500 for a ticket. Seats a few rows back are around $800 to put it in perspective. Games can be found here.

Oklahoma City Thunder – This was another team that didn’t have anything available in the first few rows. We would imagine you would be paying around $1100 for courtside seats at the Paycom Center. You can see some seats here.

Orlando Magic – The Amway Center has its fair share of good seats. $1000 -$1500 is the price point we see on a few games for those courtside seats. You can check other games here.

Philadelphia 76ers РIt will certainly depend on the team the 76ers play that will determine the price. The same seats with an average team were $2600 while the other was for a better team and it was running around $3300. More options can be found here.

Phoenix Suns – The Suns are a hot team right now, which will always drive up the prices. We saw some courtside seats for around $2800, but just one row back was $1000. The Footprint Center has a good amount of seats to consider. Check the other listings.

Portland Trail Blazers – Unlike the Suns, the Trail Blazers have been struggling. Overall ticket prices are way down at the Moda Center. We couldn’t find floor seats but a couple of rows back were around $600. So, they are still charging a pretty penny to go see them. Check the other games.

Sacramento Kings – The Golden 1 Center shows a lot of seats a few rows back at around $700. We were only able to find one floor seat ticket at $1200. You can look here for more.

San Antonio Spurs – You would expect some higher prices at the AT&T Center and guess what, you’re right. We couldn’t find any floor seats during our research. Seats several rows back were around $500.

Toronto Raptors – We are currently unable to find floor seats at this time.

Utah Jazz – There wasn’t much of a selection at the Vivint Smart Arena. We looked at several games and all of the up-close seats were sold. You can look for yourself.

Washington Wizards – We looked closely at the Capital One Arena, but without much luck. A row behind the scorer’s table had tickets for around $500. However, we couldn’t find any courtside seats. Take a look at the listings here.

We hope our short summary of each NBA team will help answer your Courside seat questions. With supply being so limited and demand being so high you are either going to pay a fortune for these seats or they won’t be available. We wish you good luck in your search.

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