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Last Minute Atlanta Hawks Tickets

This is a great time to get last minute Atlanta Hawks tickets. We have plenty of seats for the upcoming season.

Finding the Best Seats in the Arena

There are various areas of State Farm Arena that provide excellent seating selections for Atlanta Hawks games, each with its own special advantages. A lot of this will come down to your budget, but don’t let that hold you back from an amazing time at the game. The top seats in each section are broken down as follows:

Sections 101, 102, 116, and 117’s first-row seats are the best for courtside action and a close-up view of the game. Pretty expensive but worth the cost if they play against the Warriors or Celtics.

200-Level: Seats in the front few rows of sections 201-203 and 218-220 offer a clear view of the whole court and a birds-eye perspective of the action. Further back, prices will be in all ballparks.

300-Level: Seats in the upper rows of sections 301-306 and 318-323 offers an affordable choice with respectable views of the court. We suggest you only go this deep if you have a large group. You’ll watch the large screen most of the time.

Club Level: Seats in the Lexus Lounge, Courtside Club, or Hospitality Suite offer a VIP experience with access to upscale amenities and private clubs. If you can score these, the time you’ll have is going to be upgraded all around.

Additionally, it’s crucial to remember that seat placement might impact sightlines, so make sure to check out the arena’s seating diagram to pick the ideal seats for your needs. Look for obstructed views as well and make sure you don’t select those. These aren’t worth the price.

Get Some Last Minute Hawks Tickets

It may come down to the last minute. Here are a few options for last-minute Atlanta Hawks game tickets:

Box Office: On the day of the game, you can try your luck at the State Farm Arena box office. Even though their choices could be limited, they can still have tickets for sale.

Online ticket exchanges: Sites like StubHub, SeatGeek, and Vivid Seats provide a range of last-minute tickets, including some excellent prices on seats that haven’t yet been sold out.

Social media: For any last-minute ticket releases or specials, check the Atlanta Hawks’ official social media channels. Make sure you use a trusted source.

Contact the Team: To find out if any last-minute tickets are still available, you may also try contacting the Atlanta Hawks directly by phone or email.

Scalpers: Although it is not advised, you might try purchasing tickets from scalpers on game days outside the venue. However, be wary of fraud and always request authentication documentation before making a purchase. Try to avoid this if you can. We only mentioned it because it is an option.

Even though none of these choices can guarantee you a seat, they are worth trying if you need a last-minute solution. If you are trying to get into the arena very late, your choices can be limited. Don’t give up since a lot of times tickets will be available somewhere.

State Farm Arena

Looking For Courtside Seats

It is possible to purchase courtside seats for an Atlanta Hawks game in a number of ways. These are expensive seats and they are also the best. You’ll have some amazing views. Here are several possibilities:

Courtside tickets can be ordered straight from the Atlanta Hawks by visiting their official ticket reseller website. If they are available which will be rare. Act early on these.

Check online secondary ticket exchanges like StubHub, SeatGeek, or Vivid Seats for courtside tickets that are still available. You may see overpriced tickets, but you might have to do what you need to if you want to get in.

Box office: Check the inventory of courtside tickets at the State Farm Arena box office. You never know. They will do what they can to get you tickets.

Season Tickets: If you want courtside seats for all of your home games, think about getting a season ticket package. This could be pretty expensive, but you could always sell the tickets you don’t use.

Corporate Sponsorships: Speak with regional companies and enterprises to learn more about possible corporate sponsorships that come with courtside seats. You may see these tickets go up for charity as well.

Note: Depending on the opponent, date, and time of the game, courtside seats may be hard to find and/or very expensive. It is safe to say that the courtside seats will always be sold out.

We do use SeatGeek for our tickets. See what kind of fees you can expect.