Football Tickets

You are most likely here looking for some cheap NFL tickets. Good News! We can help you find seats for all 32 teams. You can see the full list below.

Before we get into buying tickets and other information we want to make sure you have a full understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. If you don’t purchase your tickets when they first come out from the respected teams or other first-party means, you will most likely buy tickets in the aftermarket. NFL tickets go up for sale by means of third-party sellers. This is where fans and other people can sell tickets to the game you want to see. There are a lot of things happening from the moment the tickets go on sale all the way up to when they arrive on your mobile device. All of these measures are the reasons behind the mega fees you will face.

Now that you understand how getting tickets works, let’s get into some other things to think about when attending an NFL game.

Getting NFL Tickets

We talked a little bit about the process of how tickets flow. Now is the time for you to go search for NFL tickets. No matter the game, there are always seats available. If you are desperate to go to a game a ticket will be waiting. Sellers will place their tickets on different sites like SeatGeek trying to get a huge premium. If you are willing to pay, they are willing to sell. Keep this in mind when you start looking. Try to find the right opportunity to get the best price.

When is the right time? Great question. There is no exact science, but some moments are better than others. We suggest you look at certain areas of the stadium each day and see how prices move. It comes down to economics. If people want to sell they will need to come down to what people are willing to pay.  If you see tickets not moving for weeks, sellers will get a little anxious and will start to reduce their prices. It would be nice if you could get offers, but that is not how it works right now.

Try to think about when someone may be willing to sell quickly. Think about weather factors as well as a big-time player injury. You will see prices fall fast when something big happens to the team. Make sure you consider all of the different factors.

Enjoying the Game

What’s going to make your day at an NFL game great? We will go over some of the major factors that will make your game so much better. Some of these things could come down to personal preference.

  1. What kind of seats do you get. This is at the top. A great seat will make the game so much better. If you’ve never been to an NFL game or it’s been a while, a good seat will go a long way. Save up enough money if budget is a big concern. You will want to sit close to the field or in some kind club level seat. These seats will easily make your experience that much better.
  2. A good weather game could be a factor. Obviously, if you are indoors this isn’t something to worry about. However, a game outside in September is way better than a game in December in Chicago. Again, personal preference.
  3. Pre-Game – A lot of times, the best part of going to a game is the tailgate. Try to get set up with a nice pre-event. This will put you in the mood for a good time.
  4. Who you go with is another thing to think about. You will most likely go with someone you want to go with. However, this person may not be into the NFL as much as you. Try to find someone that is into the game as much as you.

Where to Sit?

The biggest factor when it comes to going to an NFL game is where you should sit. We touched on this already, but this has to be a top priority. Think about the seating chart and where you would want to sit. If you can’t afford those seats, go down the list until you find your budget point. There is no reason to go to a game if you are in the upper deck. You are better off watching the game from your TV. Pay the extra money and get a good seat.

We covered a few things about going to an NFL game. Listed below are all the teams. You can then find tickets that are available on each page. Once you click on the tickets you will then be taken to a place that has all the tickets available. Keep this in mind when doing your research.

You may consider a baseball or basketball game. We also have information about Hockey as well.

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