Basketball Tickets

When it comes to basketball, a live game makes the sport so much better. You get to watch the best basketball players in the world up close and in person. Depending on where you sit in the arena will dictate how close to the action you will get. Going to a live sporting event is very expensive. It’s up to you to save enough money as well as get the best deal possible.

Each season there are 100’s of games in the NBA. Which game you check out will of course depend on a couple of things. Which team do you want to watch and which day of the week works for you? Once these two things are decided, it’s then up to you to research the seating chart.

We break down a few things to look into below. Always keep in mind what you are looking for in your event. You have plenty of options so be sure to consider them ahead of time.

Going to a Game

Now that you picked the game you want to see you need to think about everything that is involved. A lot of teams play in major cities. You have to consider how you are getting to the game and where you are going to park.

If you are going to a game at the last minute, this is something else to think about as well. There are seats out there that go unsold each day. These types of seats can be yours at the last minute if you know what to do. Do your research on the teams you want to go see as well. A game against the Golden State Warriors or Los Angeles Lakers will most likely be more expensive than other teams in the league.

Picking the Right Seat

It’s all about seating. If you have a cruddy seat you won’t have as good of a time. A great seat will get you into the action. You can actually see the fouls that are called versus watching the fouls after the fact on the big screen.

A courtside seat is where all the magic happens. You never know what you may see or face. These seats will make the experience one you won’t forget. We know these tickets will cost you a mortgage payment, but if you have the budget it’s worth having at least once. Check out our SeatGeek review for some buying ideas.

Try to avoid the upper-level seats. We know that not everyone can afford the lower level or better seats. It’s imperative that you rule these seats out. You’ll end up spending a lot of money only to miss out on all of the excitement.

Other Things to Consider

Now that you have your ticket or are close to pulling the trigger, there are some other things to take into consideration. How about a meal before the game? Arena food can be pretty lame. Unless you are at the club level or have some kind of lounge access, you will want to get some food before the game. Look around the area to see what types of places you want to see.

Do not forget about merchandise. If you are taking your children you will most likely be buying something that is overpriced. Add some money to the budget in case the kids corner you.

Ticket insurance seems like a scam, but in today’s environment, you may want to consider the extra few dollars for insurance. It won’t cover everything, but if you do get sick you will have a good chance to get your money back. With a real excuse, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Let’s GO!!!

This is the year to get out to a basketball game. A live game goes a long way and is a lot of fun. Commit to the game you want to see and start doing your seating chart research. Listed below are the teams in the NBA. Each team will have its own ticket pricing. Be sure to follow the ticket flow and you shouldn’t have a problem saving some money.

We also break down information about the Football games, baseball games as well as some hockey games.

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